Relocation Services in Tallinn

  • Делали большой офисный переезд компании. За 1 день мы полностью перевезли все оборудование и за 3 часа полностью все разместили в новом офисе. Быстрые, приятные и грамотные в своем деле люди! Спасибо!

    Евгений Пушкин


  • Мы очень довольны качеством работы. Профессионализм, отзывчивость и понимание очень хорошее. В результате совершили переезд в кратчайшие сроки и без каких-либо проблем. Спасибо за доставку.

    Наталья Иванова


  • Искренне признательны за помощь и ценные указания по заполнению разделов на сайтах, за внимательное изучение специфики работы компании. Приятно работать с грамотными людьми!

    Андрей Пархомен

    Учредитель ТОВ "КИРП"

Should I choose Moving ee ?


Because you want to see at home and in the office only professionals in their field - pleasant, friendly and helpful staff with a high level of service culture.


Because you prefer to cooperate with flexible company that neatly will transport your property to any place the world, perform travel of any complexity and any volume.


Because you expect your risks to be reduced. to zero, and the transport company uses insurance that indemnifies the parties unforeseen situations.

Moving is always a problematic task. All things have to pack, revise, organize, and the most difficult thing is to decide whether this or that thing should be recycled. Moving is not only physical exertion and loss of time, but also an emotional journey to the world of memories, where each thing means a lot.

Our professional staff will help you get rid of troubles and back pain.

Live on the fifth floor? You do not have a lift ?! — Not a problem, our movers are neat and strong, will lower your thing so that no corner will suffer.

Do not know how to make a corner sofa through the door? — Do not worry! Better choose a wallpaper in a new room, while while our employees are engaged in your furniture.

Sit on the mountain of things and do not know how to pack? — We have our own packers materials with which Your precious items will be neatly and safely packed.

We offer our travel services both in Estonia and abroad. We may be contacted as individuals. and enterprises that want to expand and move to a new office with all the equipment for mass shipments. All that relates to changing the location of things, trust us! clients